Interior Design Week issue 01

Each Friday we’re going to try and do a quick interior design blog post from our projects, because we believe that experiencing architecture is about the small details as much as the big ideas and urban interventions.  This week we have a couple of happy snaps from a project of ours recently completed in Cammeray. The existing house is a heritage listed sandstone block dwelling with a 10-15 year old split level steel framed addition on the rear. Our brief was to renovate the kitchen/laundry, insert a new ensuite and robe into the roof space adjacent to the upper level bedroom, and undertake interior renovations to the living spaces and stair.

There was a lot of fun to be had with this project, including the custom screenprinted translucent blind (digital image and all) and funky new lights from Ism objects. Of course, the end result was also due to our fabulous client who was willing to listen to lots of different and sometimes crazy ideas!

We are currently waiting upon the goregous Kitchen splashback tiles from Italy – once they arrive we’re all done and dusted! Bring on the photographer…